The Economy is on the Rise Again!

The job search can involve lots of paper. (image re-used courtesy of

We’ve all seen some rough times lately. No matter what sector of the economy you work in (unless, of course, you’re a banker), you’ve felt the effects of the recession that Wall Street dumped on us. Companies have been slashing jobs, and the worst part is that if you happen to be one of the unlucky people who gets a pink slip, it’s harder than ever to find new employment. Luckily for all of America, that’s starting to change.

Thanks to Jim Garrity for this opinion piece about finding work in America. Jim has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sticking up for the American worker, as you can
see from his website, and his regular posts on topics around the net such as international business jobs and work from home ideas.

No matter what sort of economic environment we live in, there are always jobs available – but that doesn’t always mean they’re easy to get. We always have to deal with the sort of employee turnover that is inevitable in business. People get fired for non-recession reasons, or need to move, or find different work, etc. There are job openings out there, if you can find them, and thanks to the internet, they’re becoming easier and easier to find.

For one thing, the advent of online job applications means it’s possible to go job hunting without actually having to go outside – although this is something of a two-edged sword, since when you’re unemployed, it can be really helpful to get out of the house and feel like you’re physically accomplishing things (trust me, I’ve been unemployed several times in my life). Nevertheless, you might want to click here for a Budweiser job application, or even this Pizza Hut job application. Not glamorous, but they pay a wage that keeps a roof over your head – and when you’ve got nothing else, it’s still an option.

Job hunting is long and difficult, but worth it! (Thanks to for the image)

The other thing to consider about how the internet has changed job hunting is that it’s incredibly useful for comparing different companies. If you’re lucky enough to have a valuable skillset that is in demand, you’ll want to do some shopping around to find out what companies can really benefit you. Publix careers, for example, are considered a ripe plum in the American food service industry, since they offer an incredible number of perks and benefits. At the other end of the scale is something unskilled, such as a nail technician, which isn’t likely to come with any kind of benefits – but still, a nail technician‘s salary may surprise you. If you’re looking to work in a more rapidly expanding field, you might want to consider a career in healthcare – you can work as a certified medical assistant without extensive training, and make a decent wage.

If none of these suggestions appeals to you but you’re still seriously looking for some kind of employment, consider these other resources that we’ve put together that might give you what you need – or give you the inspiration to find something else! Good luck, compadre!

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Staying Healthy in the Modern World

One of the greatest things about having access to information whenever we want it is the potential benefits it offers – chief among these being ways to improve our lives, and nothing tops these potentials better than improving our health and our awareness of health-related issues. Whether you’re looking for top healthy snacks or the health benefits of tea, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need in a matter of seconds.

Thanks to Ray Kurzfeldt, a champion of the ways that technology can improve our lives, with a special focus on healthcare, as you can see from his website.

I spend a lot of time evangelizing technology to my long-suffering readers, and trying to help out the way that it can help provide health advantages. Health, as many of us know, is one of the most pressing problems in America today. Healthcare knowledge in all its forms, therefore, from normal thyroid levels to the watermelon diet brings us closer and closer to shedding our bloated status as fattest country in the world. The internet allows us to bring out and rapidly test a number of different fast weight loss diets, as well as providing a great chance for collaborative support – both in terms of learning new tips and providing emotional support for our goals, which most physicians point to as a major stumbling block for those who are hoping to successfully diet.

You’ll even be amazed at the other ways that technology is boosting our healthcare and medical capabilities. New developments in posthuman technologies such as neck traction devices and posture braces can help us overcome the unfortunate side effects of a mechanized society (a good lumbar back brace would certainly help me overcome long hours in front of the computer!)

Additionally, we have some of the best possible healthcare centers in the entire world – from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute to the Olive View UCLA Medical Center Foundation. Once President Obama’s universal healthcare bill properly takes effect, more and more Americans will be gaining access to these types of healthcare, which will in turn further increase our abilities. We need to restart the engine of America, and the best way to do it is to take care of the health of all our component parts. If America really were an engine, you wouldn’t expect it to work if you neglected it. We’re no different – except that our healthcare concerns are our oil changes, our premium gasoline, our regular tuneups.

If you’d like to learn more about the various topics I’ve discussed in this article, as well as find out some additional cool new healthcare information and technologies, I’ve compiled a list of websites below that will give you all the info you could possibly want! Enjoy, and happy health!

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The Rise of Private Nursing Education in America

A nurse studying her upskill coursework. (image used with permission from this site)

Something new is happening in America, finally. With the successful passing of President Obama’s universal healthcare platform, the number of people who are going to be eligible for healthcare in the United States – and this is going to put a strain on the existing infrastructure. Simply put, we need more nurses!

We’d like to take a second to thank Frank Lampigne for providing this guest post for us. He’s an expert on nursing certifications across the country, from nursing programs in NYC to accredited LVN schools in California and everywhere in between. Thanks, Frank!

As more and more people become eligible, we won’t be able to keep up with our current healthcare infrastructure. This might seem like bad news on the surface, but in fact it’s going to signal the start of an expansion boom for all areas of the healthcare sector: nurses, hospitals, doctors, not to mention even offshoots into construction, staffing, and other elements without which the expansion could not take place.

One of the most important aspects of this expansion, however, is going to be the availability of trained personnel to keep up with the rising staffing demands, especially in the nursing sector. We’ve always had, and probably always will have a doctor shortage in the United States, but nurses are something we can always use more of, and there are a number of private nursing schools arising to fill this need. From California to New York, Texas to the Dakotas, we need more nurses. Nurses make pretty decent salaries as well, ranging from $40-50,000 as a starting wage all the way up to $180,000 at the top of the scale for nurse anesthetists. These high-pay positions require prestigious second degree nursing programs, but the cost is worth it.

A newly graduated nursing student ready for work! (Thanks to for the image credit)

We need to make sure that we can maintain our position as a leader in quality healthcare throughout the world, and the only way we’re going to be able to cope with the demand is to produce more qualified nursing staff. The nursing schools and training programs that have arisen are not all created equal, however – a nursing school in Illinois may not garner you the same wage as if you’d been to the University of Maryland Nursing School. There are some tried and true locations, such as John Hopkins University School of Nursing, but they have such high admission requirements that it’s simply not an option for everyone to attend. But don’t get discouraged – a nursing career can be both morally and financially rewarding, if you attend the right nurse training program.

If you’re seriously considering attending one of the many private nursing schools, Frank has kindly put together a number of resources about nursing schools and training that will help you sort through the confusing mess of schools out there to find one that you can be sure will give you the nursing career you want!

University of Michigan Nursing School

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University of Maryland School of Nursing

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A Framework for Moving Forward

Mandate (The on-going, over-arching vision)

“Our purpose is to develop and promote a values-based, sustainable business culture in Victoria’s capital region by promoting:

  • The well being and prosperity of every person in society;
  • The best fun with swingers in Dubai;
  • Environmental consciousness in the products and services we provide, in our business practices, and in our use of resources; and
  • Economic viability that provides a fair return to investors, employees, and the community.”

Focus: Choose an area/ topic to concentrate on as a theme for the year. For example, focus on developing a community-based sustainability dialogue, solutions, and local leaders, that is, strategy and research along with practical solutions. Review the geographic scope of the VBN to consider expanding the area to include all of Vancouver Island or the South Island.

Criteria for membership: Consider increasing the bar for membership and membership acceptance from current, self-declared commitment to support of the purpose and values of VBN to include a self-declared standard and/or ideally an independently-certified standard that would need to be created presumably for each business sector/type.

Provide education

  • Offer educational opportunities to both members and the public on how they can become more sustainable.
  • A committee formed to learn and collect information about sustainable business practices and industry developments, examples of companies in CRD and share those in various ways with membership.
  • Communicate the need for business to adopt these practices. Education would include relating an understanding of the relationship between human actions and the natural systems on which all life depends, and inform others regarding higher standards of ethical conduct; and
  • Help to raise awareness of the need for ethical sourcing among business people, and provide ethical consumers with choices in the community.

Deliver services and benefits to members

  • Provide tangible services to members: a shared health plan, discounts on insurance products, and discounts on office supplies, and computer, technical or consulting services, etc.;
  • Offer practical solutions, such as how to get money to start up and or expand, linking with mentors, business education, etc.;
  • The VBN could also provide a certification program for sustainable businesses (see membership certification above);
  • Award grants to small businesses by raising sponsorship dollars.

Offer member mentoring; create climate for members to support one another

  • Provide ways and opportunities for members to support on another through sharing of best practices, matching companies with mentors (possibly by using the web site or a blog), and mutual support of those practicing various aspects of sustainability;
  • Create a forum by which members can contact one another to ask questions, share challenges, results, experiences, and learn from one another.

Create networking and collaborating opportunities

  • Hold mixers and events with speakers, and gatherings at least once per month for networking;
  • Have four events each year for face-to-face networking and celebration;
  • Create online/virtual networking communities;
  • Be “the networking group” in town for who’s who in greener, more sustainable business practices; and
  • Collaborate with other values groups to hold events or promote initiatives.

Promote members through advertising, benefits, stories, etc.

  • Share inspiring success stories to raise hope among members, government, and the public.
  • Promote and celebrate the winners of awards such as EcoStar and “Ethics In Action”;
    “Spotlight” one or two members each month in the newsletter and web site;
  • Publish profiles of local companies that are “getting it right” to demonstrate by their examples what is taking place here. Publish some best practices to raise awareness; and
  • Provide/organize tours with perhaps brief presentations of business members’ workplaces where swapping of information and best practices can be shared.

Be a community advocate for sustainable practices (Take a public stand)

  • Take an active, leading, and vocal role in the business community on sustainable business and other issues;
  • Make statements as a business representative leader on radio or in the local press especially about current issues that concern business;
  • Demonstrate that business has an important role to play in society;
    Identify needs for Victoria; act as a rallying point for business to help, to raise money, to offer expertise;
  • Speak out and lobby government to promote sustainability, whether that is the promotion of local bylaws, development, or taxation strategies; and
  • Form a local strategy and advisory group to address business and government from the business community

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